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Silverwood Lake 2022

                  Come join the fun  at  Silverwood Lake with Dr. James E. Owens Ceo. of Dare 2 Dream LCF

Register and learn from the "Best in Leadership Training." Enjoy many topics from this phenomenal leader, Dr. Owens who will take your skills to the next level. You will learn some of life's toughest disciplines necessary for accomplishing your goals.  

What you will Learn

  • Leading Fearlessly 

  • Power of Setting Goals

  • Important of Casting the Vision

Includes  a free continual Breakfast 


July 28, 2022


Event details: This is event will be held at Silverwood Lake which is a large reservoir in San Bernardino County, California. Address: 21650 Ballinger Rd. Cedarpines Park, CA 92322

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