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Starter Package A

Dare To Dream Leadership Consulting Firm Inc. is committed to helping leaders and organizations attain authentic success through a thorough and detailed coaching process. Take a look below to learn more about what our program entails.

Unleash Your Potential

Package A

  1. Down Payment of $299 

  2. $99 per month See below

      Training Consist of:

   A. Build a blueprint for success/                               Vision Work sheet

   B. Create a Business Plan

   C. 2 Conference calls and or virtual                         zoom/skype meetings

   D. Goal setting process and how it works

   E.  Lifelong family membership with access to         D2D Coaching Staff

Note: We have you covered! as a continued member, at a low cost to you for $99 monthly you will continue to benefit from our great coaching services and products.

No matter what service Dare To Dream Leadership Consulting Firm Inc. provides, their highly personalized approach means that the experience will be completely tailored to your needs. Need more information click here.

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