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Maximize your personal potential Today!

with Leadership Training Courses starting July 11, 2022

taught by: Dr. James Owens DSL, M.Div, BTh, AA. (Ret.)MSG U.S. Army

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from a well-renowned coach in the field of stigmatic leadership and entrepreneurship.

Hurry limited seating is available. These classes will fill up quickly. Register Today! Note: Please carefully read the disclaimers below.

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I understand  that I can participate in the Dare To Dream Training  Courses for the low price of $45 (per-class) through virtual access only.  I will not  physically be present, but I am able to join trainings via Zoom link platform.

$79 Register  Online for Every Month

I am registering online for the full price of $79 for (Every Month) witch I understand is non- refundable if I don't  attend trainings.

$45 Per Class or
$79 Monthly
Register at  Door


I understand  I will register below and present  registration form at the trainings. I will pay my $45 per class or $79 per month at the door and attend the training in it's entirety.

Come to Our Event


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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