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Coach Rahn Osborne

Skill Development

Rahn is consumed with Gods calling on his life to influence, inspire and motivate others to totally change the way they can see, believe, would or could come true for themselves! Rahn is committed to delivering Gods Word with Hi-Energy, using Hi definition Story- telling coupled with teaching methods acquired as a Professional Life Coach to impact the lives of his listeners in a way that empowers them to “Take Now Action”. As an anointed, biblically based Transformational Life coach and speaker, Rahn has proven to be a powerful prolific Inspirational Speaker & Coach. He is currently reaching well over 35,000 listeners via internet radio hosting, “Beyond the Edge” workshops and “Di-minars”, (Dinner prior to the actual Seminar!) and the new “Goal-Setters” to “Goal-Getters” workshop. This is a 1-year project, focused on Achieving Success God’s Way. Rahns’ commitment to his calling and your transformation (Rom. 12:2) can be seen and experienced by those committed to acquire all that God has called them into. Rahn currently resides in La Quinta, CA along with his Bride, Candy of 35 years. They have 1 set of twins, a younger son, and daughter along with a total of 6 grandchildren.

C (909)938-3796

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